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Important information about your booking

Please review our “Guide to being a temporary Cottager” for important information on our local bylaws. 

Terms & Conditions of Rentals Rental agreements/applications are between the renters and the cottage owners. We require our guests to fill out a rental agreement/application prior to booking the cottage. Once your agreement/application has been accepted, we will issue an invoice for the deposit. You will have 48 hours to pay the deposit.
We do reserve the right to decline an application should the applicant not meet the requirements to rent. Applicants must be 25 years of age or older.
All applicants and their guests must abide by the cottage rental occupancy. If the cottage sleeps maximum 6 adults, there can not be more than 6 adults at any time at the property.
All applicants must read and understand the rental agreement rules and regulations. The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula has bylaws in place for all residences, and renters will need to abide by the bylaws. 

By using this website, or any links that direct users to this website, you agree and are subject to and will abide by the Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy set forth on this SITE. Please read these terms carefully, as they contain important information. The user is bound to The Terms & Conditions set forth below, as well as any agreements signed and finalized with the cottage owners/managers of the property (Cottage Rental).  The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the cottage owner/manager. If you do not agree to the terms below, whether they are posted or linked from any site, you are not authorized to access or use this site.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the cottage owner against any and all loss, claims, causes of action, demands, and/or costs and expenses that may be incurred by the Renter in relation to the cottage rental. The Renter will use the cottage & its facilities in accordance with the terms & conditions of the rental booking agreement & the cottage rules & that they do so at our own risk.
The Renter accepts that this contract shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and agree to attorn solely to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario with respect to any and all disputes arising out of the interpretation and application of this contract and the relationship between the cottage owner and the Renter. Further, The Renter accepts full responsibility for the use of the cottage & any recreational equipment & agrees to pay for any repairs or replacement of said cottage & equipment. The renter acknowledges that the property and all of its content are provided for the Guest's use at their own risk. The Renter and its guests are responsible for exercising due care and diligence in using the cottage's equipment. In addition, the Owner accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the renter's possessions on the Owner's property or land.

 The information contained on our website is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. The Owner reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to more accurately reflect the cottage property

 What can we expect in terms of amenities, comfort, etc.? When renting a privately-owned cottage please be prepared for the unexpected. It is not a hotel or resort. Each cottage owner has different tastes and standards than you. Also, keep in mind, this is a cottage in cottage country, and insects and mice can occur at any time – except them as they are a part of cottage living. Consideration must also be given to water and septic usage. Please practice conservation as wells can and do run dry with overuse!

OCCUPANTS & OCCUPANCY The person signing must be 25 years or older. All occupants must be named in writing prior to occupancy. Only the maximum number of guests allowed at the cottage should be there AT ANY TIME. No guests allowed. These rules are in place because people you invite as guests use water and septic, and any use above the allowed number of guests could damage the septic. This cottage runs on a septic system and can only accommodate a certain number of occupants. Clients who have guests at the property in excess of the pre-authorized number are subject to either immediate eviction without refund or a $300 per night per guest charge, at the discretion of the Owner. Please ask in advance for permission to allow any guests over the guests specified in the document. Please note that we have a “no parties” policy and zero-tolerance regarding this issue. No RV's, campers, or mobile homes may be parked on the premises for the purposes of extra sleeping capacity. 
Age Restricted: We do not rent to groups of singles under the age of 30
The renter acknowledges that he/she will personally occupy the rental property for the entire rental period.

Why do you need a home insurance provider? The cottages we rent to you are privately owned and are only able to acquire Liability Insurance, so your Homeowners or Rental Content Insurance is required in case of any Negligent Damage. 

PAYMENT A deposit is required to confirm a reservation for the cottage. Paying by e transfer is the preferred method of payment! 25% deposit required on booking. Payment is due in full either   30 or 60 days before rental, depending on cottage booked. A damage deposit is required 7 days prior to rental. 

COVID-19 All renters & their guests must comply with all government regulations & guidance around COVID restrictions.

IDENTIFICATION We will require the identification of the applicant when you book your cottage. We ask for identification that shows your address, photo, and name. All other information should be blocked. 

SECURITY DEPOSIT Each reservation is subject to a security deposit of between $300 and $1000. The owner will use a security deposit to for: 

  • • Damage repair. 
  • • Broken or missing item replacement. 
  • • Long distance phone calls (subject to $20 service charge) repayment. 
  • • Cleaning. 
  • • Late checkout. 
  • • Keys not returned. 

CANCELLATION All cancellations must be done in writing or by email within 4 weeks before the rental date to the management company.. The owner will then try to rent the cottage out for that period. A fee for cancellation of $40 will apply. If the owner is unable to rent the property out, all deposits and payments will be forfeited. 

OWNER CANCELLATION If for any reason beyond the owner's control the property is not available on the date booked or the property is unsuitable for rental, all rent, and charges paid in advance by the renter will be refunded in full and the Renter shall have no further claim against the Owner. 


COVID-19 We will require that all guests answer a few questions before they arrive. No guests will arrive at the cottage with a fever. (Unless you have been isolated and have had no contact with anyone who could potentially be infected with Covid -19). Guests are expected to follow all government regulations regarding isolation and distancing. Please bring as much as you can with you to limit visits to the local grocery stores. If you need to go, remember 1 person per family. Wearing a mask is highly recommended (to respect and protect the people shopping in the stores) If you fall ill (fever, cough, etc) during your stay you must contact us immediately. No outdoor shoes in the cottage. All guests should use their own hand sanitizers before entering the cottage at any time and wash frequently with soap and water inside. All guests will be required to bring all their own bed linens (pillows, sheets, blankets) and towels. If your booking needs to be canceled due to the COVID-19 virus, we will fully refund you. 

NO SMOKING INSIDE THE COTTAGE. Do not flick butts around the property. 

CHILDREN Not safe or suitable for infants (Under 2 years) - Young children are welcome; however, there are No Safeguards in place for infants/toddlers. The stove/staircases/cupboards MAYBE open and could be a hazard.​

SEPTIC SYSTEM Please be aware that we are on a septic system. Use only one-ply tissue and be sure that nothing other than tissue goes into the toilet. We are now checking the septic system holding tank between rentals to ensure that foreign matter (such as baby wipes, tampons, diapers, etc) are not flushed down. These materials can cause the septic system to stop working and can plug the drainage field. Repairs are expensive and can ruin your holiday as well as the next guests! Please tell your guests and children NOTHING down the “HEAD” except human waste and toilet paper! This includes personal wipes that claim to be septic safe. ONLY toilet paper. Use the wastebasket for any other forms of a wipe. 

PET POLICY - If Pets are allowed at your rental: 
All pets MUST be cleaned up after.
All poop outdoors needs to be CLEARED UP.
Cottage must be left clean of all dog hair. You need to vacuum under beds and under all furniture
All pets need to be under your control at all times. They can not wander from the property onto a neighbours property. Bylaws do not allow dogs to be loose.
Dogs must not bark excessively. Noise bylaws in our Municipality do not allow excessive barking. You can be fined for this and evicted if it is not controlled.
Dogs can not be left inside the cottage alone at any time, unless crated. If your dog barks when indoors crated, be aware that this can disturb the neighbours, and bylaw officers can be called. If the dog causes any damage you will be responsible for the damage.
If the cottage has wood floors, please be aware that dog claws can scratch it. 
Please do not rough house with your dog in the cottage.
No pets on furniture including beds.
Please have your pets claws trimmed prior to arrival at the cottage. A grooming is also advised. 

GARBAGE DISPOSAL All garbage must go to the landfill site. Never leave garbage outside as creatures will get into it. Mondays are the only curbside day. 

WILDLIFE & PLANTS We share the Bruce Peninsula with rattlesnakes. We ask that you take care when hiking in the area and that you do not harm these endangered creatures. The owner of the cottage and Your Guide to the Bruce Peninsula Cottage Rentals cannot be held responsible for any personal injuries caused by rattlesnakes. Bears are regular visitors to the area, and ANY encouragement from the renters, which may result in personal injury, or injury to the renter's personal property or person is the responsibility of the renter. 

THE ASH BORER BEETLE (EAB) is a highly destructive insect that attacks and kills ash trees. Native to eastern Asia, EAB was first discovered in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan in 2002. The EAB has killed millions of ash trees in South-western Ontario, Michigan and surrounding states, and poses a major economic and environmental threat to urban and forested areas in both countries. The EAB attacks and kills all species of ash, except Mountain ash which is not a true ash. With respect - we ask you to NOT bring any firewood from outside the area. There is firewood for sale locally for use in the firepit. 

CAMPFIRES Campfires are to be contained and supervised. Provide your own wood. Burn only in the campfire pit. Be aware that the Ministry of Natural Resources sometimes places a ban on open fires and that you are responsible for adhering to any bans. Use only the wood and kindling designated for the campfire, not any firewood for indoor use. Always douse fire thoroughly before leaving it. 

NEIGHBOURS Respect property lines (do not trespass on other people's property, this includes waterfront and beaches, woodland and private roads). Keep the noise level to a minimum. Remember that sound travels across water easily. 

CHECK-IN time is after 4 - 6 PM. Please arrange a time for check-in before your rental date CHECKOUT time is 10 AM please observe this rule, as our staff needs time to prepare for our next guests. Upon leaving, please secure all windows and doors, clean, remove all trash by 10 A.M. 

LEAVING THE COTTAGE The cottage must be left in the same condition as you found it. Please leave keys in the lockbox. The cottage must be left clean. Any extra cleaning that is necessary will be deducted from your security deposit. The minimum charge for cleaning is $300. Off-season check-in times vary. 

FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT The cottage is furnished for normal housekeeping with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, grills, and basic appliances. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN BED LINEN, BATH, AND BEACH TOWELS. Please be sure to pack any specialty items that you may require during your stay. 

CONDITION OF PROPERTY Every effort has been made to ensure that our descriptions and distances are accurate; however, we CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for changes made by owners in furnishings or equipment, inaccurate descriptions, distance to water errors, or printing errors. PLEASE NOTE, WE WILL BE UNABLE TO MOVE YOU TO ANOTHER HOUSE WHEN YOU ARRIVE. 

MAINTENANCE All equipment in the cottages should be in working order. Please report any inoperative equipment to us ASAP. We need to replace or fix anything broken for you and for the next guest. Every reasonable effort will be made to promptly repair the same. No refunds will be made for inoperative appliances or for mechanical failure. We do understand things can break.. If it was an accident, we rarely charge for broken items. We WILL charge you if you do not inform us so we can replace the broken items. 

LOCKED CLOSETS contain the owner’s personal property. Please respect these locked closets, cabinets or rooms. They are NOT INCLUDED as part of your rental. 

LAUNDRY If there is a washer & or Dryer at your cottage: We ask that you use it sparingly. Cottage septic systems need to be protected and overuse of the washer can damage the septic (as well as the overuse of soap). Please ONLY use the washing machine if necessary. DO NOT clean all your sheets, blankets & towels before you leave. The septic can not handle the load. Please use the shower/bath responsibly. The cottage is on a well & septic and overuse can damage the systems. Please spread out your showers. Do not have multiple showers in a day. Remember, the cottage is NOT on a city sewer or city water! We do a flow test between rentals to be sure the septic has not been overused or abused. You will be responsible for damage to the septic or well if damaged during your stay 

NO FIREWORKS AT THE COTTAGE. Not even on holidays. 



ITEMS LEFT BEHIND The owner cannot be held responsible for items left in the cottage. Please double-check your cottage for personal items prior to departure. If we are asked to return items to you, they will be returned C.O.D. 1 key will be issued at check-in. A $10.00 charge per key will be deducted from your security deposit for keys not returned. 

INSPECTION POLICY The Cottage has a thorough inspection policy to ensure the cottage is in good condition and that renters will not be inadvertently billed for missing or broken items. Please assist us by reporting any missing or broken items to the owner or the contact within 24 hours so that you will not be held responsible. 

PRIVACY POLICY: All information collected by the cottage rentals is for internal screening purposes. By providing this information you consent to the collection, use, handling, and disclosure by us to the cottage owner, of any information set out in the Cottage Rental Application relating to your stay. Please view the Privacy Policy.

COTTAGE OWNERS Cottage owners who use the services of ( will abide by all restrictions and bylaws set forth by Ontario and the municipality. 



Renter’s Code of Conduct (as enacted by the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula)


The premise of this Code is that the short-term accommodation premises are located in the

vicinity of other properties and that the residents/occupants of these properties have the right to

enjoy their properties without being imposed upon by nuisance from others.


The objective of this Code is to establish acceptable standards of behavior for renters and their

guests, and to minimize any adverse social or environmental impacts on their neighbors and


The Renter acknowledges for themselves and on the behalf of others that they will be occupying

a short-term rental accommodation.


The Guiding Principles for short term accommodation renters are:

• The premise that you are occupying is a home;

• Treat the premise as your own;

• Respect your neighbors; and,

• Leave it as you find it.


The maximum number of occupants within a dwelling that is being operated as a short-term

accommodation shall not exceed a total number based upon the number posted by the Owner.


No person shall make noise so as to cause a disturbance or conduct themselves in an antisocial

behaviour. Examples of noise that is deemed to be a disturbance include:

a) Loud music;

b) Outdoor Speakers;

c) Outdoor or backyard gatherings involving excessive noise;

d) Fireworks;

e) Late or early hour disturbances;

f) Exceeding occupancy limits; and,

g) Yelling, shouting, chanting and loud conversations.

Please be advised that the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula Noise By-law, By-law No.

2018-37, is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The By-law states that: “NO PERSON




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Renters are not allowed to disturb neighbours or interfere with their enjoyment of their

properties, or the public realm, at any time of the day or night. Failure to comply with the

conditions of the Municipality’s Noise By-law may result in the notification of the Ontario

Provincial Police who may, upon attendance, issue a Notice of Offence, which carries with it a

fine, upon conviction, for a first offence.

Please enjoy your stay but have consideration for others.


Short term accommodation renters are not to host functions or parties as occupancy limits apply

to the house and property in accordance with the license.


Property includes parking on a per bedroom basis. Permitted parking should be the only area

used for parking.


Please dispose all garbage and recycling to designated garbage area. Ensure that garbage and

recycling is sealed shut and not overflowing. 



  • DRINKING WATER - all cottages run off either well or lake water. It is a good idea to bring drinking water. Large jugs of water can be purchased at the grocery stores throughout cottage country. Be mindful that wells can run dry from overuse, Practice conservation (i.e., limit showers, wait a couple of hours between laundry loads, etc.) 
  • LINENS - sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, sleeping bags, dishcloths 
  •  PHONE -There may be no phone at the cottage. Please bring a cell phone with you. 
  • Sunblock 
  • games & books for rainy days 
  • Sunglasses 
  • water shoes 
  • life jackets 
  • Groceries 
  • insect spray 
  • drinking water 
  • Camera 
  • cell phone 
  • directions, rental contract, this sheet